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"It is my sincere hope, no matter your passion and purpose in life, that you are able to utilize and capitalize on the Tools, Training and Technology of the TW3 platform. Truly A compassionate community of giving individuals. There is none better if you’re looking to take your life, business and money to new levels."

John Kinnison

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Thank you for your interest and welsome.

My name is John “Kinno” Kinnison. I was born and raised in the music industry by dedicated and life long music educators.  Grew  up on a piano bench with my trumpet in hand when I was just five-six years young. I excelled at the trumpet and has been a big part of my life ever since. Blessed to have traveled the globe as a professional musician and jazz educator sharing the stage with many of the best in the world.

A single Dad with 6 children, 11 grandchildren, soon to be 12. Birthday’s and Holidays are getting expensive. But, hey, I love it!

Music is my profession. Family is my passion. Working with entrepreneurs and wanna’preneurs my drive and mission here at TW3.

My musical experiences have included 40+ years of trumpet performances. Brick and mortar retail management/business, k-12 music educator, international workshops, composing, arranging, piano technician servicing at one time 5 states.

Being an Elite Member with TW3 has afforded me to travel, visiting my kids and grandkids scattered throughout the midwest with my laptop/headphones and cell in hand.

I’m simple minded, love to cook, listen to music constantly, hiking, exersize, gardening poorly, haha, but most importantly, hanging with my family.

Mentoring/Motivating/Coaching/Training/Consulting comes naturally to me drawing on my vast experiences and successes. Nothing like a failure or two to bring about change to be honest.

The TW3 community of like minded entrepreneurs has provided the tools, training, technology and a high level of support for my life’s goals, wishes and desires. I consider TW3 to be “A Holistic Business, Marketing & Lifestyle Solution For Entrepreneurs”

Feel free to reach out to me for any questions you may have.
I look forward to working with you. 

All the best,

John Kinnison aka “Kinno”
314-282-8705 Cell/Text/Vm


 The “Kinnos”

I am blessed to have six children, all of whom are entrepreneurs in their own professions. We have played countless gigs together over the years. Pics below. Twelve growing grandchildren that I can hardly keep up with. As a parent, the responsibilities (as many of you well know) go way beyond guardianship. Teaching life is no easy task but I have enjoyed the journey and continue to be as much a part of each and every one. I am very proud of them and they themselves are my legacy.

Music and Business Has Been My Livelihood For Ages! Blessed To Have My Children Follow!